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The Alaska Shellfish Growers Association (ASGA) is a private nonprofit organization representing shellfish farmers and those interested in developing shellfish aquaculture in Alaska. ASGA was formed in the early 1980s when Alaska residents experimenting with suspended oyster culture ran into a confusing wall of government permits. The organization grew a strong voice for Alaska shellfish farmers with government agencies and politicians. Successful lobbying and grants for education have been key to building support for shellfish farming in the state.

We have an all-new board of directors, and are initiating a membership drive to involve all Alaska shellfish farmers, as well as allied businesses and organizations. We are receiving strong and on-going support from the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association, and thanks to a contribution from this dynamic organization, we recently hired a lobbyist in Juneau to help us navigate the halls of the Alaska Legislature.

If you want to know more about ASGA and its programs or about growing shellfish in Alaska, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Alaska Shellfish Growers Association
PO Box 1758
Homer, AK  99603